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Cedar Wood Planters

Container gardening offers all the perks and challenges of gardening in a bed. There is almost nothing that can’t be grown in a container. Choosing and combining plants to grow in containers is a great way to experiment with garden design. Whether you choose to display a grouping of one plant per pot or create an entire garden in a single container, you can’t fail, because you can always swap plants in and out. You can even have a high yield vegetable, fruit or herb garden container garden. We use Northern White Cedar wood which is naturally rot resistant to build our top quality wooden planters. There are many designs and sizes to match your container planting needs. The wood's natural material fits perfectly in outdoor gardens, as well as indoors, bringing nature back into your home. These cedar wood planters possess a type of quality that cannot be found in other regular planters. They are light weight which are excellent in urban settings such as balcony or rooftop gardening. These charming planters are capable of holding many of your prized plants, while accentuating your garden at the same time. Our cedar wood planters never fail to please.