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Raised Beds

Raised Bed Gardening is becoming one of the most popular ways to garden due to variety of benefits to the gardeners, including people with limited physical ability and those who simply want an easier way of gardening. Raised bed gardening are more efficient in fertilization and water conservation. Garden pest are also easier to control in raised beds than those without it, making your gardening experience less stressful. Most importantly, it provides more production per square foot of space giving you an almost unlimited amount of room to garden . Raised bed makes gardening possible for people with disabilities, as well as making it easier for elderly person to keep gardening enjoyable. Raised beds are a good gardening technique for areas that have poor drainage, rocks or plain old poor soil. A raised bed allows you to bring in the best soil. It never gets compacted and the extra height allows the garden bed to warm up more quickly in spring. You can create raised beds simply by piling soil. However if you want something more permanent and sturdy, you’ll want to frame your raised beds. And if you have trouble bending, you can raise your raised bed to a convenient height. Here are several options for creating raised beds, from building it yourself to having it delivered to your yard We offer a vast variety of raised beds constructed with all natural material like cedar wood, cedar log, willow, and bamboo. All raised beds are chemical free, no stain or paint is used to minimize chemical contamination.