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Bamboo Rolled Fencing

Premium large pole bamboo fences are made of 3 year old mature Nam Bamboo Poles, these bamboo are beautiful and strong with a durability that can lasts up to many years. These quality constructed large pole bamboo fencing are crack resistant and make excellent outdoor bamboo fencing. The Nam bamboo poles we used in building our fences are the minimum of one inch or over in diameter, clean and processed with a coating of oil for protection. The large pole bamboo fences are drilled and strung on 1/8" galvanized wire, so you will hardly see the wire. Bamboo rolled fences can be installed between secured wooden posts which ideally should be 6-8 feet apart. Our bamboo cap and moldings can add support and rustic look to the fence. If you already have a fence structure like the chain link fence and want to cover it, you can just tie the bamboo rolled fence to the existing structure to give a complete make up and some privacy to you home. Use these bamboo fences in outdoor or indoor settings, as well as privacy fencing or screening in commercial